Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brass Ring

Remember the carousel ride...?  Did you grab the Brass Ring...?  Hopefully that image reminds you of how you can reach out and grab your dream.  Today I sent out a message via Twitter and all I said was "Don't wait for opportunity to knock...go get it."  Some sit back and wait for their dreams to come true and some of us go out and get them. Whatever it takes…follow your dreams and your passions. Maybe follow is not the right word.  I have said “follow your passion” for some time now. Maybe I should be saying “capture your passion” Sometimes we chase things and never catch up to them. We need to follow and then capture.

I know all of us have wonderful dreams of doing great things or seeing great things.  You can…!  Write it down…right now.  Go get a pen and paper (I’ll wait) – OK…now write down exactly what it is you want to do or see or become.  Next, I want you to visualize it.  Come on – I mean really visualize it.

OK – write down all the obstacles in your way.  What would it take to get past those obstacles?  Write it down.  How does that look to you?  What would it take?  Really – what would it take?

You can do anything you set your mind to do…I know you can because I did…

Now – go “Grab the Brass Ring”


Passaggio Wines

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