Friday, December 31, 2010

A Toast to the New Year

As you are toasting the New Year with your favorite champagne or favorite wine, I want to thank my family and friends for a wonderful 2010 and wish you a prosperous 2011.

"Follow Your Passion" for this New Year


Passaggio Wines

Friday, December 3, 2010

Giving Back

It's that time of year again -'s Christmas time. The season for giving and sharing. Last year Passaggio Wines gave 10% of their December sales to their local shelter G.R.I.P.

G.R.I.P.'s focus is on three core initiatives: providing food, shelter and supportive services to help homeless individuals and families make the transition to self-sufficiency. The mission of the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program (GRIP) is to transform the lives of homeless, hungry, and disenfranchised people.

This year Passaggio Wines will be giving to G.R.I.P. again but also sharing the cost of the wines you purchase.

Passaggio Wines will give free shipping (ground only) on a purchase of two bottles or more for the Christmas Holiday (from Dec 3rd - Dec 31st). Just type the word sharing in the coupon code section on the Passaggio Wines Website. 10% of the purchase will go to G.R.I.P. - help me in sharing with them during this season of giving.

Thanks for sharing

Passaggio Wines

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sticky Note

Passaggio Wines is sending you a sticky note to remind you to order your wines for the holidays...cheers

Just thought I would help....I hope people still use these - LOL

Passaggio Wines

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Passaggio Wines is wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving...

May your wine glasses be overflowing today...


Passaggio Wines


2010 Harvest

Well...what can I say about the 2010 harvest? I am predicting a great vintage. I guess we will just have to wait and see what the winemakers can do with it. I know I am looking forward to the 2010 Passaggio Unoaked Chard, Pinot Grigio, and Napa Valley Rosé. Did I just say Rosé?

That's right...Passaggio will be launching a Napa Valley Rosé for 2010. So this spring we will put on our hats...sit on the deck...turn on the grill...invite some friends...and open a bottle of Passaggio Rose...

Stay tuned...


Passaggio Wines

Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Friday / Free Shipping

Hum...Black Friday...not quite sure I like the verbage but it's slowly creeping up on us. Black Friday will begin the holiday shopping spree of millions of people. Imagine that. Millions of people searching for that special gift for that special someone. Whether it be on line purchases or actaully braving the traffic and hitting the local shops, people will be buying, buying, will I. (I have quite a few special someones)

Passaggio Wines has decided to act on the "Black Friday" thing this year to bring you some very special wines. For one day only, Friday Nov 26th, when you purchase three bottles or more of Passaggio Wines you will get FREE shipping (ground only) Just type the word Friday in the coupon code section of the website.

I think I will just call it Mega Shopper Friday - just sayin...

Enjoy the slide show

Happy Shopping,

Passaggio Wines

Saturday, October 9, 2010

#SoupWeek with Chef Robin White

What an experience this week has been with Chef Robin White and the twitter gang.  I watched the excitement unfold.  People getting ready each evening for a bowl of soup.  Yes...I said soup.  It was not only the great recipes that Robin put together for wonderful soups each night but also the warm camaraderie of friends coming together to have fun and share good times together with great food and great wine.  Isn't that what it's all about...?  Chef Robin brought over a 100,000 people together each night.  That is amazingly awesome when you think about it. 

Saturday was a great evening  for the partnership with Robin to sponsor soup night #8.  You can find the recipe for Chef Robin's Roasted Buttenernut Squash/Grilled Corn on her website along with all the other great soup recipes that were made this week.

I am humbled that Robin would choose me to make her recipe and choose my wines to be paired with such an awesome dish...just like her blog said "a dish that soothes the soul."  It did just brought a few of my friends togther.  We shared, laughed and had an evening of fun.  The time together, the absolutley wonderful soup and the perfect pairing with Passaggio Unoaked Chardonnay soothed our souls and prepared us for the next day.  It left us full and satisifed, yet wanting more.... 

Looking forward to what Chef Robin will be doing next...


Passaggio Wines

Friday, October 1, 2010

Now That's My Kind of Soup

I was honored when Chef Robin asked me to sponsor one of her soup nights.  She makes such wonderful could I possibly pass up this opportunity to work with such a talented Chef?  Chef Robin came up with the right soup for me - something that soothes the soul.  I love that...and in today's world we can all use a bit of that.

When I think of soup I think of my grandmother...she use to make the best soup that expressed the love she had for us.  I hope you, too, have some wonderful memories that surround a great bowl of soup shared with family and those you love.  Reach out to some friends, invite them over and enjoy a bowl of this fantastic recipe with a glass of Passaggio Unoaked Chardonnay.  The clean, crisp unoaked chard pairs very well with this spicy dish...I am certain you will enjoy it! Check out the recipe on Robin's website.

Thanks Chef Robin


Passaggio Wines

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll

Well...harvest is upon us...sort of.  We have only brought in a few tons of Sauv Blanc and Pinot Noir.  We have had a slow start to say the least.  I have a feeling that we will get hit hard soon and wineries will be bringing the different varietals in all at once.  Won't that be a hoot.  "Bring it on"...I say.  It's what "we" live for...right? 

Anyway...Passaggio Chard and Pinot Grigio are well underway and mostly through their fermentation...stay tuned for what's next...

If you see those grape trucks on the road, get out of their way...they are in a hurry to get back for the next load.


Passaggio Wines

Friday, September 17, 2010

2010 Harvest

It was an exciting morning...September 15, 2010.  It was the day to pick my Chard and Pinot Grigio.  I woke up around 4am to get to Lodi by 0630.  Justin drove the truck and off we went.  We met the picking crew at 0630 and they began picking the Pinot Grigio first and then the Chard.  It was cold but as soon as the sun starting coming up it began to warm up.  We drove the grapes back to the winery, weighed in (no, not like Weight Watchers...geez) and began the press.  The juice was put in a settling tank and left til the next day when it was racked off the lees and placed in stainless stell drums (some lees left for stirring).  Today I added some nutrient and different yeasts to each my fingers are crossed for a nice, cold, slow fermentation....stay tuned


Passaggio Wines

Monday, September 13, 2010

Woman of Many Hats

I was reminded today of how many different hats I actually wear on a day to day basis.  When I first get up in the morning I put on my "staff" hat since I am taking care of Mattie (my Airedale) and Mr. Whiskers (my cat)  Yes it's true...if you have animals or just one animal, then you are staff.  As I am driving to work I call my mom (every morning) and I put on the "daughter" hat.  Sometimes during that drive I get a call from my son and I put on the "mother" hat.  As I arrive at work I put on my "employee" hat.  When I walk out of the 8am meeting into the wine lab, I put on my "Lab Manager" hat and almost immediately turn and put on my "winemaker" hat.  Whew...just writing it down has made me tired.

I can wear about six different hats before 8:30am - no wonder I am tired.  We all wear different hats throughout the day - some more than others.  But I am reminded that although I may wear different hats at different times, I am still the same person underneath them all.

Although we may change what we do during the day, we should never change who we are inside...remember what is really important...remaining true to yourself.  How many hats do YOU wear during the day...count them - you might be surprised.

Right now I am about to go put on my "drinking" hat cause the day is done...


Passaggio Wines

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brass Ring

Remember the carousel ride...?  Did you grab the Brass Ring...?  Hopefully that image reminds you of how you can reach out and grab your dream.  Today I sent out a message via Twitter and all I said was "Don't wait for opportunity to knock...go get it."  Some sit back and wait for their dreams to come true and some of us go out and get them. Whatever it takes…follow your dreams and your passions. Maybe follow is not the right word.  I have said “follow your passion” for some time now. Maybe I should be saying “capture your passion” Sometimes we chase things and never catch up to them. We need to follow and then capture.

I know all of us have wonderful dreams of doing great things or seeing great things.  You can…!  Write it down…right now.  Go get a pen and paper (I’ll wait) – OK…now write down exactly what it is you want to do or see or become.  Next, I want you to visualize it.  Come on – I mean really visualize it.

OK – write down all the obstacles in your way.  What would it take to get past those obstacles?  Write it down.  How does that look to you?  What would it take?  Really – what would it take?

You can do anything you set your mind to do…I know you can because I did…

Now – go “Grab the Brass Ring”


Passaggio Wines

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Debbie's Yard

Welcome to my new blog site...enjoy

My Sister-n-Law's passion is designing landscapes and working in her yard.  I had a wonderful time traveling through the yard and discovering many things I hadn't seen before.  Where is your passion taking you today...Follow It...


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