Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Few Good Men (and Women)

Those who have gone before us and made history...those who have made a difference in our country...those who have made sacrifices...these are the people who have followed a passion they could not ignore. They had a deep understanding of what it really meant to "Follow Your Passion"

There are thousands of men and women who have impacted our lives in one way or other. It's almost impossible to name them all. Here are a few good men and women of the past who have touched our lives.

Just think how different our world would be today had it not been for:

1) Jesus
2) Mother Teresa
3) Abraham Lincoln
4) Rosa Parks
5) Martin Luther King
6) Benjamin Franklin
7) Thomas Edison
8) Albert Einstein
9) Leonardo Da Vinci
10) Christopher Columbus
11) Neil Armstrong
12) John F Kennedy
13) George Washington
14) Alexander Graham Bell
15) Louis Pasteur

What's your passion?

Cynthia Cosco

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Girls Gone Wine

When Girls Gone Wine, a wonderful group of women just following their passion, said they were coming to visit +Passaggio Wines in San Francisco I was so excited and pleased that they would choose me among all the great wineries they have visited. When I mean visit the winery, I mean storm the winery. This group of ladies, made up of various wine industry talent, is such a vibrant and fun group. They showed up at +Dogpatch WineWorks around 12 o'clock ready to taste my wine and spend some great time together.

Wonderful friends, great food, awesome wines....made for a wonderful day!!!

Girls Gone Wine
+Thea Dwelle+Jerae Knutson+Leilani Carrara+Rachel Voorhees+Grace Hoffman +Liza S+Sarah Doyle+Elizabeth Olson, just to name a few, were among the 13 ladies who graced the winery this past Saturday.

It was my pleasure pouring Passaggio Wines for them and showing them around the winery. Afterwards we all went to The Chocolate Lab for lunch...oh my!!! Check out a couple of these dishes...

What a memorable day!!!!

Follow Your Passion

Cynthia Cosco

Friday, January 4, 2013

Rose Colored Glasses

Looking at the World Through Rose Colored Glasses...

1951 Nick Lucas

2011 Passaggio Wines

Have Fun
Follow Your Passion

Cynthia Cosco