Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spontaneous Generosity Filled With Layers of Passion

An awe-inspiring Thursday afternoon...great wines, great food, great friends.  Amelia Ceja, owner and founder of Ceja Vineyards filled the afternoon telling the story behind the Ceja label.  Imagine sitting in her vineyard, enjoying the sun, the peace, the amazing food prepared by Amelia and tasting her wines...I could go on and on...peaceful contentment surrounded us as we sat among the vines where the Ceja Chardonnay grapes are harvested.  This is only a glimpse of the wonderful day we had...


Passaggio Wines

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  1. It looked like a wonderful time. I remember my visit there last June and what a wonderful host Amelia was. To sit and sip wine, listen to the Ceja story but how she made us feel like family was truly memorable. It's a visit we will never forget.