Monday, October 17, 2011

Stepping into the Unknown

Lisa Manyon is one of my favorite #marketermonday twitter friends I love to follow. Her passion for creative marketing strategies caught my eye a couple of years ago and I have followed her ever since. She encouraged me to develop a marketing strategy of my own and has even done a little mentoring along the way. I am very grateful for all her support. Follow her on twitter @WriteOnCreative

Read about her passion...

Ask my family and friends and they’ll say I’ve always been a bit of a risk taker. It’s true that I dance to the beat of a different drum and I’m grateful for that.

I’ve never really felt like I cannot do anything (except maybe advanced math – hey, I’m a word gal – numbers not so much).

The biggest challenge for me has been figuring out what I really want to do and there have been plenty of twists and turns on the road to self-discovery.

One thing that has always been certain is my love of writing and my gift of helping others share their stories and message to be of service to more people. It’s been a passion for as long as I can remember. I am pretty sure it started with really bad poetry (as soon as I could write) and continued on when I co-created, wrote and produced the first school newspaper for my elementary school in 4th grade (on a mimeograph machine). I also remember sitting in front of our little black and white TV watching commercials (in-between cartoons and Captain Kangaroo, I am sure – we only had two channels back then) and thinking “I can do better than that”.

Throughout my life I’ve worked in advertising, marketing and non-profit positions (with the occasional restaurant or retail stint). I’ve worked for Job Training Partnership Act Programs, advertising agencies, radio stations and even a utility call center. Oh, and wineries, too (LOVED that almost as much as writing and firmly believe that wine is entrepreneurial fuel). Even though each experience was rewarding, it always felt like something was missing – and that something was following my own passion. In 2003 I took a huge leap of faith into the unknown and started I have never once regretted my decision and my work continues to become more and more rewarding.

I truly believe the key to success is to believe in yourself, questioning any limitations people put on you and discovering your passion. Think about what brings you joy and how that can help others and when you have a dream, follow it. Break that dream into actionable steps and make it an achievable goal.

You can learn more about my journey here in my winning case study from the Hot Mommas 2011 competition. Enjoy and cheers to your success.

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