Monday, March 26, 2012

Three Marketing Tips my Dog has Taught Me

Mattie, my Airedale, an adorable companion since she was 8 weeks old, has taught me many things.  Some of those lessons have been ones of much wisdom... ones that resonate with me and are the core of my daily marketing campaign.  I am driven to share them with you...

1) Be Consistent - Mattie is the same day in and day out.  She greets me at the door every time I come home as if I have been gone for days.  She is always excited to see me and always has one of her stuffed toys in her mouth to show me when I walk through the door.  Customers like to be treated the same way.  When they walk through the door of your store or make a comment on your Facebook page, make them the number one person at that very moment.  Show them what you have with enthusiasm and passion.  Give them something to be excited about.  Treat them the same every time...

2) Be Willing to Share - When Mattie and Whiskers (my cat) are fed in the morning, Whiskers always has to have a drink of Mattie's water.  Mattie doesn't seem to mind sharing.  She knows there will be plenty left and always gets a drink afterwards.  Sharing our lives with one another is what it's all about.  When we share things or ideas with each other it makes us all better at what we do.  Twitter has been a great tool for me on that subject.  I love the sharing of ideas for businesses on #marketermonday.  I have a few favorites that I follow and get ideas from.  Thank you for posting those great thoughts and ideas...

3) Rest - Mattie takes a nap in the afternoon.  I am not saying that we need to take a nap everyday but we should take a break from our business (busy-ness) and rest.  When we rest from pushing ourselves so hard, fresh ideas will emerge and our customers will thank us for it.  We will feel better about ourselves and will be able to remain that consistent person that everyone loves to see when they walk through your door.

Mattie has more to teach me...every day is an adventure

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