Monday, June 27, 2011

Making the Connection

It was a pleasure meeting Tammi Ramsey for the first time. We sat and talked about our passions and our dreams. Tammi's passion for making wine shows forth in great style and confidence. Read about how she made her dream come true.

I love connecting people and I love connecting people with things they need or want. I guess you can say my career started out with the Girl Scouts of America. I loved selling cookies! Back then I wore my uniform and went door to door and when someone answered their door, I said "What is your favorite kind of cookie"? When they answered, I had the solution in my hand!

My folks never paid for summer camp because I sold so many cookies each year. I loved how people smiled when they had the cookies in hand. Thin Mints seemed to be a real "closer". Times have changed but my love of making connections has not. I love to help find solutions to people's wants or needs.

I became a design engineer. I love figuring out how to make something work or how to make things work better. This path fed my constant need to be challenged. One day the company I worked for moved me into a position as a sales engineer. I happened to "oversell" our capabilities and my boss said “Well, you told a client we can handle this project, so what are you going to do"? I replied, “I could go find more engineers to work here and they could work on the project".

At that moment I became a great recruiter and connector. Clients had needs and I could be part of helping them find the solution. Around the same time I was given a winemaking kit. After the first batch of wine was made, I was in love. I figured out that wine makes people happy and connects them with other people whom they would never have met.. It was my "AH HA" moment. I noticed the same love I had for connecting; I now shared the love of making wine.

I left the corporate world 2 years ago and have made wine in 12 states working under some amazing winemakers. It was an awesome learning experience. I have been to Rhone, France to compete on the PBS reality show The Winemakers Season II. I just returned from Chile as an apprentice winemaker for Lapostolle Wines. I will be releasing my personal wines, TJR Select, later this year. I have no idea how big my dream will become but I am excited to put my name on these wines and share them with you! I love connecting people with each other and my wines help that connection happen.

I hope someday we get to meet face to face and enjoy a glass of wine together!

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