Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just a Girl Following Her Passion

Women her follow their passion...with style and grace.

These are some of the most witty, intelligent, graceful, passionate, and humble women I know. I have come to appreciate their passion for what they love and do. They were so kind, when I asked them earlier this year, to write about their passions and share their stories with you. You can read about their passions again and get inspired by what they do and say...

A New Generation of Passion - Melissa Gresham
Chase Down Your Passion - Elizabeth Smith
Walking the Vine With Liz - Liz Healy-Kay
The Ultimate Passion Feast - Peg Lawrence
Evolution - Jean Wilson
A Slingshot to Passion - Sandra Oldfield
Follow Your Heart and Do What You Love - Sherri Housman
Making the Connection - Tammi Ramsey
Jump Into Your Passion - Tammy Colson
Stepping Into the Unknown - Lisa Manyon

Follow Your Passion

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